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W Household Hazardous Waste collection and disposal activities have evolved over the last 55 years from small-scale events that gathered lead-based paint to large-scale recycling and disposal programs. The collection of HHW has no end in sight; responsible communities turn to Ecology for assistance in meeting the current and future demands of their inhabitants.

Paints, cleansers, oils, batteries, pesticides, electronics, light bulbs, compact fluorescent lights, pharmaceuticals, sharps, and mercury are among the hazardous materials that can be safely and conveniently removed from homes through

Wastey Ecology’s HHW collection program. The program aids in the prevention of contamination of the community’s soil and groundwater, as well as improper disposal in Municipal Solid Waste..

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Wastey Ecology’s services are constantly appreciated by residents and communities. Residents are given a safe option to dispose of hazardous materials, and towns are able to meet their environmental goals while offering a valued service to their communities. As more citizens seek these services from their local government in the name of environmental stewardship, governments respond by allocating cash, collecting sites, and volunteers for these special occasions.

By providing these hazardous trash collection activities, Wastey Ecology is devoted to assisting communities throughout the world in meeting their environmental goals..

This program is an important aspect of global Ecology’s hazardous and industrial waste management services, which are among the best in the business..

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World Ecology is the leader in offering environmental services to government, educational institutions, shops, and manufacturing, with state-of-the-art equipment and 40 years of experience. For hazardous waste garbage disposal, contact your local municipality or look for a global Ecology-run event near you.

For Residential

Wastey now giving their recycling service for residential areas worldwide.

  • Providing services to millions of people all over the world
  • Subscription Service for Individual Residents
  • Service for Municipal Contracts

For Commercial

Our commercial recycling services provide you with all of the tools you’ll need to meet your waste management and sustainability objectives

  • Commercial Dumpster service
  • Commercial Hazardous Recycle
  • Industrial cleaning and specialized service


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