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Our Faqs

What are the conditions for terminating my service?

If you terminate your account within the first three months of service, you will be charged for the whole contract period’s duration, with no proration. The following are the full terms, ...

Our Faqs

What is the best way for me to transfer my share?

If you want to give or sell your shares to a friend or family member, you can do so using a stock transfer form, which you can download. Send the form ...

Our Faqs

What kind of service do you provide?

Wastey takes pride in being a global leader in solid and liquid waste management, as well as infrastructure services. Solid, liquid, and hazardous waste collection and disposal, recycling, emergency response, and ...

Our Faqs

What exactly are late fees?

You will be charged a late fee if full payment of an invoice is not received before the invoice’s due date. On the invoice and/or in your Wastey service agreement, the ...

Our Faqs

What is the distinction in recycling processing?

The cost of recycling has become erratic and unpredictably high. Wastey is sure that recycling is an important component of our environmentally conscious business strategy and dedication to assisting customers in ...

Our Faqs

What is the procedure for changing my address?

You can alter your name by filling out Wastey’s change of address form, which you can see here. Wastey should get the completed form. You can also write to Equiniti and ...