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Welcome to Hankcok Farm

Hankcok is pleased to welcome you. Here you will find a variety of healthy and fresh dairy
products that our farmers and cows proudly made on our farm.


In our Hankcok farm we built a milking parlour where we take our cow and milk two or three times a day ...


In our farms we mainly feed our cow grass. We call it silage. Sometimes leaves and stems from corn, wheat and oats, ...

Our Products

Right now hanckok produce different type of milk products around the worldwide. Such as Whole milk, Skimm milk, and many

Know About Our Farm
And History

We have been working in this industry for more than 30 years with trust and honesty. All hands must be on deck if we are to achieve our goal of improving global nutrition. Thankfully, our Hankcok team employs 24,877 people and has offices in 58 countries. And our products are exported to over 100 countries.
Natural &
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Milking Land of Milk & Honey

Dairy producers worldwide face similar challenges around animal welfare, farm profitability, food safety and work efficiency. Discover how our customers are solving these challenges. Also known as the land of milk and honey for its rich and vibrant farming tradition.

What We Offer

When mankind realized the nutritional advantages of cow, goat, and sheep milk thousands of years ago, we were already consuming it.
People drink milk, eat bread with butter oil, and drink tea with thick cream. We will do it for you.


In a centrifuge, the fat in the milk is separated as ...

Butter Milk

Skimmed milk is acidified to make buttermilk. The milk thickens slightly ...


Cheese can ripen in as little as four weeks or as ...

Condensed Milk

Our condensed milk is used to make caramel, sweets, and cakes, ...
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Natural & Organic

For everything we do – move, grow, exercise, work, play, or breathe – our bodies require sustenance. Milk is high in calcium and proteins, which assist to keep our muscles, bones, and teeth healthy. Vitamins B2 and B12, which promote our energy metabolism and nervous system, are found in milk. That's why we are producing natural and organic milk.
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Featured Recipe

All kinds of items can be made with dairy-based ingredients. Milk is utilized in a variety of ways, including ready-to-drink beverages, savory soups and sauces, pastries and cakes, (frozen) desserts, and milk powder for coffee. These ingredients are in high demand by food manufacturers.

Our Shop

Dairy foods like low-fat or fat-free milk, yogurt and cheese are fundamental to good nutrition. Healthy eating styles that include
fat-free or low-fat dairy foods have been linked to health benefits.

Meet Our Farmers

It’s at the farm, in the store and on your table. Dairy is feeding people today for whatever comes tomorrow.

John michale

Field Farmer

Mark John

Field Farmer

Merry Desulva

Field Farmer

Moris Jon

Field Farmer